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Alessio Posar
Alessio PosarStorywriter, Screenwriter, Gamewriter, Gamemaster.

About me

For my eighth birthday, my father gave me a big, red and green box. It was Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Lizardmen versus Bretonnians. That was the beginning.
When I was eleven, then, I forced my mother to buy me the Player’s Handbook — you know what I’m talking about — and then I got myself the DM’s Guide and the Monsters Manual (and the Forgotten Realms setting) and, right in that Summer, I started mastering.
I’ve never stopped — it’s been fifteen years since that Summer.
So, while leading adventurers through the North and beneath Waterdeep, through the Empire down to Tilea and up to the Chaos Wastes, in the modern New York where Nosferatus dwells in the sewers and Malkavians want to tell you about that one dream they dreamed about you and your other self, I even managed to get a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a master degree in Creative Writing.
It means that now I write for the screen, and short stories, and I have novels somewhere, but the truth is that, whatever the medium is, I create stories and heroes and enemies.

I stick a lot of post-its on my wall. They help me thinking and they keep the orcs away.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Basic D&D and Vampire the Masquerade.
Timetravelling by train.