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Andrea Rima
Andrea RimaFounder, Product Designer, Art Director, Alchemist.

About me

I received my first fantasy book when I was 6 and more or less during the same period I received my first deck of MTG. I have never stopped playing since then.
I met my best friends while playing Magic, and together we started our first adventures in the RPG world. My adolescence was carefree and nerdy: I used to spend my afternoons playing (too much) WoW, whereas in the week-end, I used to play the role of a human thief.

I have always had a certain attitude for business: when I was a boy, I opened a site for selling gold in WoW (I’m sorry Blizzard). The money earned was all spent on financing my collection of DVDs and games. My second great passion, as a habitual curios, is design. That is why I decided to enroll at the IED university in Milan, for the course of study of Product Design.

During university I had the opportunity to get an internship at a design atelier that won a Compasso d’Oro (It’s like an Oscar but for design projects). I also achieved relevant goals by winning a contest announced from IBM, and displaying two of my university projects at the Milan Furniture Fair.

The methodology I use takes great inspiration from Bruno Munari’s design method (one of the greatest philosophers and masters of italian design), described in his book “Da cosa nasce cosa”.

It explains that, when facing any problem of any nature (from designing a house to, as playfully stated in his book, “cooking green rice”), you can divide it into macro-level problems, which in turn can be separated into micro-level ones.

Dealing with these small elements one by one, you can easily reach a conclusive solution.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Twilight Imperium, Talisman, LARP and Overwatch.
One of my favorite hobbies is to watch movies, I also like reading and when I don’t read about my job I don’t mind reading a good fantasy.
My heart will belong forever to Tolkien works, but I was also fascinated by the Dragonlance Chronicles and A Song of ice and Fire.