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Four Places where Fake IDs become Useful – Part 2

  Do you know that the number of fake id websites has increased by leaps and bounds in the past few years? Today, the use of fake ids is considered as a privilege by many people. Creating a fake id for yourself is a simple process. You need the require details and a photograph to [...]

you need to know about the fake id templates

    There are a few things that you all might have noticed on various identification proof of different countries. Some of those things are as follows-   The first thing you might have noticed that every document or different countries are different from each other. They have different colors, designs, fonts, and many more [...]

Projects > Adventure Dice

Adventure Dice A new idea is born: it may be an improvement for an existing product, or something completely new. We research on already existing solutions, materials and technologies to take cues from. We define the starting idea through brainstorming and 2D sketches. We morph the concept into the [...]

Lotteries > Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket extraction At the start of our first Kickstarter campaign we will draw a winner from those who are subscribed to our mailing list. Scannable Fake ID,The winner of our Golden Ticket will have the right to a 100$ credit for the Lady of the Lake products, so don’t miss [...]

Two Ways to Grab Your First Fake ID

  Are you curious to make your first fake ID? Do you wish to enter into the best pubs and bars before you turn 21? Or, are you extremely excited about tasting exquisite wines and crazy beers before your big birthday? If yes, you will definitely need a fake ID. The need for fake ids [...]