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Emiliano Gentilini
Emiliano GentiliniMerketing & Sales, Wizard.

About me

I’m graduated in International Studies: Politics and international economics.
I have a master’s degree in economy and management, and I followed different courses of Marketing and measurement strategies, one of which was promoted by the British Columbia University.
I recently did the Innovation Academy, “training new entrepreneurs”, promoted by Trentino Sviluppo Spa.
I’m CEO in G-Code, and a small software house, Financial Consultant for Cooperativa CerchioVivo and LOTL. I’ve been Manager for many years in two different associations.
I can relate on an enormous network, composed by many Business Angels, tutors, mentors and big companies.

There are three main steps in my work process: analysis, comprehension and realization.
This modus operandi works wonders for me!
I love to play RPGs, FPS and MMOS on pc.
I’ve got experience on Neverwinter Nights, Elder Scrolls, WoW, LoL, HoN, HoS, Dota 2 and many others. I play DnD, Magic (mainly commander format) and Warhammer (fantasy and 40k) weekly with my old friends.
I’m an experienced Game Master, a writer and an enthusiastic reader.
I also enjoy model-building, hiking in the mountains and climbing.