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Here are our Frequently asked questions.

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Adventure Dice are a system of dice, made specifically for Role Play Games.
They quickly cover in-game aspects that are usually neglected (like the weather), so as to offer a deeper experience of role play to any player, and inspiration to the Game Masters.
This allows the adventure to be enhanced with details which are not necessarily linked to the main plot, consequently reducing the “deus ex machina” of narrators and the unintentional meta-game of players.
To cut a long story short: more fun, for everyone.
Adventure Dice were created both for experienced players and for new players.
The first group of players will benefit from the assisted narration, which will mostly help their in-game improvisation.
The latter instead, will master in no time Adventure Dice, putting into practice the product potentialities and improving significantly their adventures.
Adventure Dice are suitable for any fantasy game, but nothing’s stopping us from developing, sooner or later, a few adaptations compatible with other types of role play.
We decided to launch our projects trough Kickstarter because we think that crowfunding will be in the future of any company and product.
It is also a wonderful opportunity we want to seize, that is reducing the gap between people who want to realize their ideas and those who will effectively use them.
We think that rather than simply owning a game, purchasing it should also be something fun.
Do you know about the famous golden tickets of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory?
Well, we decided to do the same with our products!

We will insert in some of our packagings one Golden Ticket, in other words a gift card, worth $100 for all of our products.
A bunch of these Golden Tickets will also be given to randomly drawn subscribers at the start of our Kickstarter campaign. This will also occur regularly after the campaign (we still have to determine of often it will happen).

Furthermore, we will monthly hold a giveaway on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages: all you need to do is like/follow them and share the giveaway pic, in order to candidate to the monthly extraction of Bronze and Silver tickets.

The more you support our work the more you win!

Currently we are not looking for new roles within the company.

However, if you live in Italy or if you are available to relocate in our country, you can always leave us your CV and we will take it into consideration when our Kickstarter campaign expires, and we will need new personnel. Please send to Andrea your CV at:

If you are a freelance illustrator and you are interested in working with us, please send us your portfolio at:

We will create a few exclusive bundles for shops only during our kickstarter campaigns.

If you want to be noticed when they will start or if you want to become one of our resellers, please contact us at:

We will be more than glad to be featured by you. We will disclose previews of our campaigns, infos and news for your feeds. Contact Andrea at:
If you wish to support us, there are a few things you can do: share our social networks feeds and spread the word about us.
If you are good at writing, and you like the idea of partecipating actively into creating an Rpg/Tabletop Blog with us, you can hit us up at:
Once gathered enough people, we will create a special section here on the site, so as to start a new chapter of Lotl.
Producing a game from scratch may seem a huge quantity of work, and even worse, you can’t even begin to sort out the starting point. As a self made company that is going through this, we can certainly tell that it is hard.
Developing a game is hard, producing it is hard and finding collaborators to work with is even harder.
However, if you manage to organize your work properly, and with a minimun of investments required, basically anyone with a good idea, with perseverance and passion for work can make it.

After you found your “milch cow”, we strongly suggest that you study the the market demand and the competitors’ games, so as to have an idea of what others used to bring to life a product similar to yours.
This is also useful if you need to check that your idea is effectively innovative, or if it already exists. It might sound obvious, but it can save you a lot of waste of time.

Once determined the mechanics and rules of your game, you will have to hire some illustrator to give it a captivating look and a product designer in order to develop it (choose the materials, the shapes, make the art direction, build the production chain etc.).
If you want to produce a game with a small budget, be prepared to hold a significant number of tasks: you will have to learn a lot about the various aspects that concern your project (marketing, design, graphics etc) but the more effort you will put in, the more your product will be succesful.
Rember that we live in an age where you can find pretty much everything you need to know on the internet, so don’t understimate it: watch tutorials, read articles and listen to online classes.

Finally, if you think you have found the perfect idea, but you don’t have the time or the possibility to develop it, contact us so that we can evalue the possibility of a collaboration with you.

Good Luck!