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Miguel Regodòn
Miguel RegodònDigital artist, Concept artist.

About me

Born in Cordoba (Spain), I was a fan of every kind of comics, Fantasy novels and films, as well as videogames, roleplaying games and miniatures since I was I child. I always loved to draw and gradually I ended up filling more and more time with this hobby. I studied Fine Arts in the University of Seville and Illustration on Madrid.
I have worked as an illustrator on the board and roleplaying games area as well as cover artist for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Novels since 2009, when I started doing art pieces for “Mongoose Publishing” , “Editorial Mundos Epicos”, “Holocubierta Ediciciones” among others… Since 2011 I started working for “Paizo Publishing” where I developed most of my professional carrier doing characters, props and illustrations.

On 2016, I have also worked on the Films Area doing character designs for “Universal Studios” and “Ken Wallace Films” on unrevealed movies.

My work process it´s not very complicated. For professional purposes I always work on digital media, though I like to draw with pencils or ink for fun. About the process itself, I try to keep the process as much natural as possible, avoiding all kind of tricks and digital effects. I start with a line sketch not too much detailed, then I work roughly on the color and, when I´m all happy with result, I work on the details, textures and effects.
To tell the truth, I always was more a roleplaying gamer than a board one. I liked games like Rolemaster, Lord of the Rings, Vampire, Werewolf… For board games I prefer games with a elaborated fantasy setting, and some strategy. I was also a huge fan of miniature games like WarHammer 40K when I was a teenager. Lately, I don´t have much time for them but I like to collect miniatures of the Infinity game that hope I will paint one day.
I like to read every kind of comics, graphic novels, mangas, BD, etc. For novels I prefer the Fantasy, Horror and Scy-Fi ones, such as “Lord of the Rings”, “The Broken Sword”, “Dune”, Tales from Clive Barker, Lovecraft…

I like to play videogames from time to time, and some of my favourite titles are the old “Resident Evil” saga, “Metal Gear Solid”, “Mass Effect” and “Dead Space” among others.