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Adventure Dice


A new idea is born: it may be an improvement for an existing product, or something completely new.

Research & Analysis

We research on already existing solutions, materials and technologies to take cues from.


We define the starting idea through brainstorming and 2D sketches.

Project Dev.

We morph the concept into the final product, through targeted researches, mockups and 3D sketches.


The product comes to life with 3D modeling and working prototypes. The result is then tested, refined and improved.


We look for manufacturing partners and we adjust the project to meet the machinery limits. Technical drawings and definitive prototype are created.


We create the image of the product: we design the packaging, and shoot the presentation video and pictures.


The Kickstarter campaign is being prepared and will soon be ready for the launch!

Current project phase | Project Developement

Project Description:
Adventure Dice are a system of dice, made specifically for Role Play Games. They quickly cover in-game aspects that are usually neglected (like the weather), so as to offer a deeper experience of role play to any player, and inspiration to the Game Masters. This allows the adventure to be enhanced with details which are not necessarily linked to the main plot, consequently reducing the “deus ex machina” of narrators and the unintentional meta-game of players. To cut a long story short: more fun, for everyone.

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Adventure Dice
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